Session: 2019-2020

Class: III (Book List)

S. No Subiects Name of the Books Publisher Amount
1 Enslish Smart Enslish Good Luck Publication Ltd. Rs.269/-
Wonders English Grammar and Composition Balsam Publication Rs.230/-
2 Hindi NCERT Workbook Holy Faith(MBD Group) Rs.105/-
Rimjhim NCERT Rs.50/-
Manjul Vyakaran BPI INDIA Pvt. Ltd. (S. Chand Group) Rs.200/-
3 Mathematics Wonder Maths BPI INDIA Pvt. Ltd. (S. Chand Group) Rs.270/-
4 EVS New Learnwell Holy Faith(MBD Group) Rs.245/-
5 Computer Widget NIIT Rs.399/-
6 Art Art & Craft Busy Bees. Acevision Pub. Rs.330/-
7 G.K General Knowledse LCES Publication Rs.70/-
8 Value Education Growing up with value Bhomia Publication Rs.100/-
Grand total Rs. 2268.00/-

Note Books Required

S. No. Subjects Note Books
1 English 4 lines notebooks =3 (120 pages each)
2 Hindi 2 lines notebooks :2 (120 pages each)
3 Math square notebooks =2 (120 pages each)
4 EVS 4 lines Interleafnotebook:2 (120 pages each)
(one side plane )
5 Computer 4 lines Interleaf notebooks = 1 (120 pages each) (one side plane)