Principal’s Message

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Ms. Sagorika Banerjee - Principal
Ms. Sagorika Banerjee - Principal

Principal Message 

My heartiest Congratulations to all the students, staff and parents of G.S.S. Public School, Khurja for the new session 2019-20. At GSS Public School has already started its venture of creating a bench mark for itself in the world of education.

GSS Public School, Khurja We have been successful in proving that it is not only the building or the infrastructure but also the array of facilities like good teachers, labs, library, sports fields etc.which help in the overall development of a child. We all aware of that the virtual world which has engulfed us and our children. Facebook, Whats app & Twitter have changed the way our children—their thinking style.

School Education has also adapted to the Global churnings. Gone are the days when knowledge was the be all and end all of all learning. The advent of computer has brought it, under the click of a button. So, wise people are not the ones who know a lot of facts rather than those who can think differently and take apt decisions. The school gives opportunity to all the students to explore themselves.

Finally in 2010 he lauched GSS Public School, Ghaziabad, and since then he is actively monitoring the way childrens are educated with aim of making our students as biggest asset of our country india in future.

Besides this, the school also aspires at instilling in the students the spirit of national integration, pride in the country’s rich and varied cultural heritage, a compassion for the less privileged and a concern for the degrading health of our planet. The school curriculum includes the Basic Life Skills, without which no meaningful life can be lived. Our Clubs develop and hone diverse interests and skills. A plethora of sports activities prepare our students to use failures as stepping stones to success. Academics remain the backbone under able & continuously trained faculty.

I wish all the students and their parents a very fruitful academic year, 2019-20. I also request them to provide their constructive collaboration and support to us for the attainment of higher ideals and better learning atmosphere for the students.