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Modern life style of the masses has undergone dramatic change and so the needs in all spheress of life Education is one of the necessities and every individual Primitive or tradiotanal system has become redudant given the revolution in Technology infrastructure and over all lavish and ambitious life style of living.

At GSS Public School,   Education is expanding in length and width yet there is a big gap between 'what is' and 'what ought to be, because of the motive of the enterpreneurss attached to the education astray from the dessired one, Towards realizing the visison of my father late Pt. Ganga Sharan Sharma, not only in huge brick and mortar edilice, but in the bestest form of character building of the students as he aspired for throughout his life i have vowed to establish as par excellent education abode and taking acue from the present scenario i am intended at promoting a sysstem of education that has a blend of all facts of devlopment traits from intial stage and sow in them the seeds of morality sosciaty, spiritualty, patriotissm, knowledge,moral values and scholastic acumen ship and by the time they are of their studies they devlop like a banyan tree to face the turmail and future challenges of life.
GSS is established to provide its students unique method of learning through commited dedicated and trained teachers equipped with the best pedagogy skills curriculum designs and assesments School curricula provides for flexibilty to adopt innovative method and technology to create utmost interest and attention of the students the curriculum aims at providing education learning with fun and that itss stress free for students as well as parents with shsruken carry bags.

i am elated to see that many a youths from various parts of the country are setting recordss in various feilds and shining globality i want to evolve a system of education that is acknowledged globality; induces and hones the students of this area to earn names at Global patform i earnesstly invite you to join hands with me in discharge of this arduous but satiable task of bringing up your wards with diffrence.

With Regards,
Santosh Kumar Sharma

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